Sen. Huizenga votes to protect Michigan’s economy

Sen. Huizenga votes to protect Michigan’s economy

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Mark Huizenga on Tuesday stood up to protect Michigan workers and taxpayers by voting against bills to repeal the state’s Right to Work law and to reestablish unnecessary prevailing wage requirements.

“Right to Work was passed to ensure workplace fairness and make Michigan more competitive for jobs and investment, and the results have been positive for workers and our economy,” said Huizenga, R-Walker. “Since Right to Work was enacted, Michigan’s median household income and employee benefits are both up and our state economy recovered from a Lost Decade — adding more than 382,000 jobs from the passage of Right to Work up until the pandemic.

“Right to Work was a bold announcement to the world that Michigan is open for business and open to new opportunities. Repealing it is a step backward for our economy and our workers.”

Senate Bill 34 and House Bill 4004 would repeal the state’s Right to Work law.

“Everyone in West Michigan — from every family to every employer — is facing higher costs due to high inflation. The last thing they need are more government mandates that further increase costs of critical projects,” Huizenga said. “To continue to attract business investment and top talent to Michigan, we need to continue to improve our roads, educate our kids and protect our water. Bringing back prevailing wage requirements hurts all of those priorities by needlessly making the efforts more expensive.”

SB 6 would reenact prevailing wage requirements in Michigan.


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