Huizenga proposes freezing tuition at public universities and community colleges

Huizenga proposes freezing tuition at public universities and community colleges

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Mark Huizenga this week proposed keeping tuition at current levels at Michigan’s 15 public universities and all community colleges.

“This is about helping more Michigan families afford higher education for their children by freezing tuition rates at our state universities and community colleges,” said Huizenga, R-Walker. “Higher education can be an important step in helping our students get ahead in life. With rising costs on seemingly everything right now, holding costs down for the next generation will make a big difference.

“I am disappointed that my proposals were rejected on a partisan basis. Helping reduce barriers to higher education shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

Huizenga introduced his proposals as amendments to the Higher Education and Community College budgets voted on by the Senate this week.

“We can and must do better than this budget plan, which expands the size of government and drains our state’s savings,” Huizenga said. “As we finalize a state budget over the coming weeks, I will continue to work toward a responsible spending plan that effectively meets the needs of West Michigan families, grows our economy, protects our communities, and is sustainable for the long-term.”

Previously, Huizenga introduced several budget amendments, including proposals to double the funding for Michigan’s food banks, support emergency medical services, triple reimbursements for foster and adoptive families, and increase funding for Children’s Advocacy Centers and domestic violence prevention.

All Huizenga’s amendments were defeated on partisan votes.


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