Huizenga opposes early adjournment of Legislature

Huizenga opposes early adjournment of Legislature

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Mark Huizenga on Thursday urged the Senate to join him in rejecting a resolution to adjourn the Michigan Legislature for the year a month and a half early.

“I came to Lansing to help solve the problems facing the people of West Michigan and our entire state. That work is not done,” said Huizenga, R-Walker. “While I understand that we aren’t going to solve all the problems we face in the next six weeks, we should — at the very least — be meeting as an elected body and trying to achieve positive solutions.

“Michigan families and small business owners are struggling to make ends meet as costs for everything continue to increase. They deserve and need us to continue to work on solutions to help them and improve their lives.”

Under House Concurrent Resolution 10, the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate will adjourn sine die on Nov. 14 — officially ending the 2023 legislative session.

“During my time in the private sector, the people I worked for expected me to show up and do my job. As senators, we work for the people of Michigan — and they have the same expectations of us,” Huizenga said. “Teachers in my district are still showing up to teach. Factory line workers are still showing up to help build our economy. Police officers are still standing up to protect our communities. It only seems fair that we show up to do our part, too.

“The people of our districts entrusted each of us to do a job — representing them in this chamber. We should honor that trust and uphold the commitment we made to them when we ran for office by continuing the legislative work on their behalf.”


Editor’s note: Sen. Huizenga’s Senate session remarks on the sine die adjournment resolution will be available at

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