Huizenga introduces skilled trades licensing and apprenticeship bills

Huizenga introduces skilled trades licensing and apprenticeship bills

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Mark Huizenga on Wednesday sponsored measures dealing with licensing reciprocity and apprenticeships in the skilled trades as part of the Senate Republicans’ “Grow MI State” economic development package.

“To build a strong future for everyone in Michigan, we need to encourage more people to move here while also making it easier for current residents to get the training they need for a well-paying career,” said Huizenga, R-Walker. “My bills will help achieve both of these goals by allowing skilled trades professionals to easily transfer their license when relocating to Michigan and investing more in apprenticeship scholarships to expand our workforce.

“This legislation will knock down barriers to recruit and train talent in skilled trades positions like builders, plumbers and electricians — which can help grow our economy and also address our affordable housing problem.”

Senate Bill 850 would require the state to post online an annual report including a list of all licensing compacts and agreements the state is a part of for skilled trades occupations and a list for each occupation that includes the states whose licensing requirements meet Michigan’s requirements. Occupations covered under the act include plumbers, electricians, residential builders, building inspectors, elevator contractors and mechanical contractors.

SB 845 would expand the Michigan Reconnect Grant program eligibility to add career training programs for skilled trades occupations that are customarily learned in a practical way through a structured, systematic program of on-the-job supervised training.

The bills are part of the Senate Republicans’ “Grow MI State” plan, which includes legislation to:

  • Make it easier to do business in Michigan by ensuring state regulations are not stricter than those imposed by the federal government, requiring an annual review of all state agency rules to make sure they are still necessary, and forcing bureaucrats to receive approval from the Legislature before imposing costly regulations.
  • Help people plant their roots in Michigan by improving licensing reciprocity in over 40 occupations for people from nurses and doctors to barbers and accountants.
  • End corporate slush funds and reinvest in Michiganders by stopping cash payments to corporations and investing in desperately needed bridge repairs.
  • Restore worker freedom to allow workers to decide for themselves whether they want to join a union and let job providers know Michigan is open for business again.


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